The Association of Belgian Tour Operators …

… was established on 5 December 1973 to serve the interests of tour operators – tour operators. Today she has become the most leading organization for tour operators. ABTO members deliver more than 4 million customers a well-earned holiday annually, accounting for a turnover of more than 2.2 billion Euro.


What are the main objectives of ABTO?

One of ABTO’s main objectives is to create a positive business environment for its members, a climate in which tour operators can operate under optimal conditions. ABTO defends the legitimate professional interests of its members at national, European and international level. Over the years, ABTO has become an important and influential player in the Belgian travel industry.

However, ABTO is more than just a professional association of travel organizers. ABTO also stands for a quality label, label or quality that you can enjoy as a consumer. In order to travel with a restful heart it is important to build up security. The members of ABTO provide consumers with security and quality, guarantees that are not always offered for self-organized travel.

When you entrust your vacation to a member of ABTO, this implies a number of warranties. The members of ABTO aim for the highest possible quality of service. For example, they apply all the travel conditions of the Disputes Committee for Travel and ensure that their activities comply with the different legal standards. Furthermore, the affiliated travel agencies can provide the necessary safeguards for solvency. All members are insured against financial incapacity, which limits the possible consequences of bankruptcy for the holidaymaker. Whoever chooses a vacation organized by an ABTO tour operator can trust that he leaves with a skilled partner traveling. And this is evident not only in Belgium but also on the holiday destination itself, where the ABTO members have a network of local representatives who can provide on-site support, information and assistance from the holidaymaker. In order to ensure optimal quality, the ABTO members work together to meet the necessary standards for hotel accommodation, safety and hygiene.