“” We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, but have been borrowed from our grandchildren. “(Indian saying)



The earth is not our “exclusive” possession. She also belongs to the others around us, also to other peoples who may not know our luxury of traveling today and of course also to the generations who come after us. Therefore, it is important that we take care of our earth and sparing it with care. Travelers and tour operators play an active role in this.

Within this framework, ABTO sends all its members to an active sustainable policy that addresses our own needs without compromising future generations. It is important to find a balance between ecological, economic and socio-cultural interests. Our members have done a lot of efforts in recent years in order to contribute to a more sustainable policy of their company. Both in the field of travel, hotels and other tourism partners, a lot of efforts have been made in their daily policies (better management of the quantities of brochures as well as the type of paper used, management and control of waste and energy, etc.) and we continue on this path.

Other countries, other habits

Other countries have different and often unknown and strange habits and uses. We therefore travel with open visor. This way you learn a country and know and respect people. It is therefore particularly useful to inform you in advance about the specificity of the country or region you visit during your vacation. Not only your trusted travel agent, but literature from the bookstores and the internet provide a lot of information. Important to the latter is that you are very close to checking the reliability of the site. The ABTO label or Quality gives you the necessary guarantees.


Do not confuse your host’s trust

Once upon a time, your travel guide or your supervisor is the ideal person to tell you more about the different sights and uses. He can help you to better understand and respect the traditions and lifestyle of the local people. In addition, they are the appropriate people to give you some nice tips so you can get away from the paved paths and just discover that fantastic local restaurant. This will immediately support the local economy. Just as our members are guests in other countries, you are the traveler as well. Of course, you can also contribute significantly to a more sustainable whole, and you may already have the following tips in mind:


Pure drinking water is vital and scarcer than we ourselves suspect. Therefore, be careful about it. A shower consumes less than a bath and, moreover, refreshes better. Spread yourself with sunflower or cream after swimming in the swimming pool, the sea or the lake.



Do not leave any trash during your trip, on the beach or in a nature reserve, but use the trash can. If these are not immediately stocked, take it all to the hotel and place it in the designated garbage bins.
Be careful with fire and the laundering of cigarettes.

Even when traveling with your own car there are some things you can do as a traveler. Give your car a rest for a few days and use the local transport: tram or train … Sports enthusiasts can also opt for a bicycle or exploring on foot. Ideal to get to know the most beautiful place and good for the environment!


Everyone would like to be a holiday reminder and a nice valuable souvenir and welcome to the pictures. You immediately support the local economy. However, do not buy products made from endangered plants or animals (shells, corals, ivory …).


In most countries, the government is committed to schooling as much as possible. However, children often find it more lucrative to pray in tourist regions. Therefore do not give money or candy to children.


Respect local practices and habits: in some countries it is inappropriate to take a picture of people without request. They believe that they lose their soul with this. Therefore, ask for permission and respect a no.


Today you can not get there anymore. Everywhere we become aware of our energy consumption. On holiday, you can help people save energy: turn on the air conditioning only if you need it, deaf the lights when you leave the room, etc. Reuse any towels and bed sheets if possible.

We must all contribute to maintaining the nature, culture and well-being of the population in all destinations to which we travel, so that both the future visitors and the locals can enjoy lasting sustainability!