fThe ABTO Internet Code: Unique Guarantees for the Consumer


1. Clear information about the company
The ABTO members’ websites contain a clear identification of the company. Before you book, you will know clearly who you are booking and what guarantees you are offered. The members of ABTO are all licensors, insured against insolvency.

2. Contractual terms: General and special conditions
The members of ABTO accept the terms and conditions of the Disputes Committee for Travel. These were prepared in consultation with consumers under the auspices of the FPS Economy. The terms and conditions of the tour operators and their own special conditions are easily and permanently accessible. You can save and / or print them so you can read them peacefully. This way you will not be surprised.

Additional guarantees bookable websites:


3. Safety
The members of ABTO indicate whether and so what technical and organizational measures are taken to secure the transfer of personal information and payments over the internet.

4. Security of personal data – Right of access, change and removal of personal data
If you have to fill in your personal information on the website, you always know which purpose (s) can be used.
You are entitled to view your personal information, make changes or remove them. Your data will remain as up-to-date.

5. SPAM – unwanted messages
The members of ABTO oppose the use of spam. The e-mail addresses used must be legally obtained. You will always be asked for permission to receive commercial messages beforehand. You can of course always indicate that you do not appreciate receiving offers / newsletters.

6. Clear booking procedure
ABTO members provide a step-by-step plan which phases you need to complete to make a booking. This way you know exactly where you are and do not fear to make mistakes. During the booking process, you will always be given the opportunity to detect and correct any input errors. Up to the final booking, corrections are always possible.

7. No final booking without mouse click
Your booking will only be final if you have ordered it by clicking on a mouse click. So you can not just get a booking.

8. Confirmation
The members of ABTO will confirm receipt of your booking by mail. This mail contains a summary of the booked trip.

9. Returnable advertising
Third party advertising on the ABTO members’ website is always clearly identifiable and traced.

10. Annual inspection
The website of the ABTO members is checked annually by a.c. The ABTO Internet Code of Conduct, which is also under development.


When you find the ABTO E-travel guarantee logo on a website, you know that this website was tested against the specific provisions that apply to online bookings.

Collaboration with Safeshops.be

Thanks to this cooperation agreement, ABTO members can now also certify their websites by an external, fully independent body.
More info at Safeshops.be
See press release.